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Benahi Cerpen Yang RUsak AGar Bagus

Benahi Cerpen Yang RUsak AGar Bagus - Why do people love to share things that are awesome, make laugh and entertained? We do not have a scientific reason for this, but the New York Times did a very intensive research in recent years. They interviewed 2,500 people to determine their main reason to share the story online. This is the main reason.

To deliver valuable and entertaining content to others to define themselves to others (other people explain a little about their identity to cultivate http://www.rajakata.net/2015/10/cerpen-cinta.html relationships with others to meet the desires of self in order to feel more involved in the development of this world.

To spread the content because they care about the content amazing and funny certainly meets the first three reasons. Sharing entertaining content to bring value to our friend, show to others that we have a great appetite, and provoke conversation and reactions. People also to share content with the reason for themselves, such as narcissistic.

aktanya, 8 of the 10 articles of the most widely shared in 8 months this is the quiz (7 of BuzzFeed, one of the NYTimes). Why the quiz? Because http://www.rajakata.net/2015/10/cerpen-sedih.html when to share the results of our quiz, it will show the identity and ego. Others will learn who we are, what we value, and our tastes. Think about the last time you to share the quiz.

Mememberikan Cerpen Pada ANak

Maybe This Cara Menghilangkan Is Obvious To Some People - Maybe this is obvious to some people, but the content list and get the number of shares in the infographic above average compared to the other. And more surprised him again, How-To articles and videos get a share less than other articles.

There are many reasons why that might happen article that lists get a lot of share. The article gives the reader a list of opinions according http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/kata-kata-cinta.html to what they expect (example 10 way of doing things). This article more readable.

In a similar case, infographic lmemudahkan readers to digest large amounts of information in a visually attractive appearance. So make sure your content has a lot of pictures and graphics, so that readers do not feel intimidated by the amount of text.

Primary key: If you write long form content, do not forget to enable people to read it, not filled with text only. You can do this by providing a list, but http://www.rajakata.net/2015/10/cerpen-persahabatan.html if  you do not want to make a list, make sure your paragraphs easy to read and use sub-headlines and bullet points.

Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Membuat Kata Kata Alami

Membuat Kata Kata Alami - Make How To Eliminate The Natural - When I was living in, my parents often took me and my brothers the others went home in the countryside. Generally we were very happy there.

Because it means the beginning of summer vacation. That is, we are far from the city, away from the school. More delicious again, most of my cousins ​​others will gather, so do not turn it into a family reunion. We arguably have a home there; It http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/kata-kata-motivasi.html is our ancestral home, belonged to our great-grandparents. But it was not a pleasant holiday stories that I will bring, but the story, which possibly, called "weird."

At that time, perhaps in the middle. Incidentally not all of my cousins ​​came on vacation. So there are only a few of us. When the rainy season. Almost every day there is always rain. Therefore, we have only been in the house do not play outside.

Children who grew up in the annual, must know very well that the storm must have a blackout.So as we all expect, when a power failure occurs, we rushed http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/kata-kata-bijak.html to light candles and oil lamps to light the room. And it will always be turned into an opportunity to start sharing ghost stories.

Sedikit Tips Kata Kata Yang Cukup Ampuh

Sedikit Tips Kata Kata Yang Cukup Ampuh - Few Tips How To Eliminate The Simply Powerful - Sata that I have always been timid girl. A little wink or can make a squeaking sound scared to death. My cousin was most pleased scare me. Their stories are so horrible that like really real.

Well, for tonight, I ask that they do not make up a story that is too spooky, because then I could not go to the restroom unaccompanied. They laughed http://www.rajakata.net/2015/10/kata-kata-romantis.html but agreed. So we decided to start our storytelling sessions.

My oldest cousin is really a reliable narrator. He really knows how to build the right atmosphere, and he really could have made us all scream and run to our parents. He can deliberately waited for the right opportunity.

sometimes it does not say a word until silence gripping, utilizing the sound of crickets, dogs barking from afar, trees bergemirisik in the darkness that http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/kata-kata-galau.html sometimes I wonder if it was all a coincidence or she really be able to control things like this.

Memberikan Kata Kata Terbaik Untuk Orang Tua

Memberikan Kata Kata Terbaik Untuk Orang Tua - As the rain began to ease, slowly until no longer heard a trickle of water, I began the story of his first cousin. The story is about a young woman who was about to get married. Incidentally he is a resident of our city. It was still a period of residence. This woman is the most beautiful woman in town.

Many men from neighboring towns and even next door had come to visit for approach and may even want to win her. He was a figure of fun. Never http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/kata-kata-sedih.html turned to suitors. He even refused to meet all applicants for this and this only helped make him famous.

Until one day, a man appeared at his home. The man was a local town farmers almost her own age. He was modest and humble, a hard worker and devout. The woman immediately liked the man.

It hurt all the suitors. One of the applicants is planter who happen to have power and have a relationship in the church mapun army. They http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/kata-kata-gombal.html conspired to get rid of the farmer. They kidnap the farmer, pulling one of the lake and shot his head from the back and let him float on the lake.

Memberikan Puisi BerBuah Manis

Memberikan Puisi BerBuah Manis - Providing Solutions to Overcome and leave Innovation Benefits of Fruit - Knowing that, the woman was heartbroken and wanted to drown himself same lake, the lake who happened not far from the house where our ancestors were.

Making the situation worse, before committing suicide, a woman said to have been condemned to "never brings peace" on the life of  descent http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/puisi-cinta.html two men responsible for the murder of the farmer. My cousin suddenly sai years ago. And if you all do not know. We have Spanish blood in us And we stay close to this lake Think about it. "

That story makes me shiver to death. But again, I think, it's just a story. After the completion of that story, my other cousin decided to go grab a drink of water. I stayed together with a cousin sat down.

In the dark room lit only by a single candle I saw someone emerge from the left approaching me, I narrowed my eyes and I saw my mother http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/puisi-sahabat.html wearing her nightgown and sat not far from where I sit.

Solusi Cara Mencegah Puisi YAng Tidak Di Inginkan

Solusi Puisi Hal YAng Tidak Di Inginkan - How to Prevent a solution to avoid unwanted Things - One of my other cousins ​​feel thirsty too, so he got up and went to the kitchen. In the living room just left me and my mum.

I think that was a good idea because I also feel a bit hot. Terrace just being outside. Because the seat is wet outside, so I knew she was not http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/puisi-guru.html going to sit there. So we just  stood out there enjoying the fresh cool breeze. My mother then said she wanted to go outside because of the heat inside.

Inside, I could hear all my cousins ​​have returned from the kitchen and they all call me. One of them asked where I was and I yelled back that I was out on the porch and they started calling me to go inside.

My mother then saw by the lake, after hearing about the story, I asked my mom if the story about the woman's true. I was surprised when he nodded. I think http://www.rajakata.net/2015/09/puisi-ibu.html my mom might not believe in stories like that. Believe it or not, even after heavy rains nan long, in the, the temperature in the house can still reach 30 degrees Celsius